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Butterworth & English

fine art photography

The Butterworth and English team . . . 

Together we have become a team, creating timeless, fine art styled images for our clients. However we both have our own families and our own stories to tell.


I'm Gemma. Scatty as hell, a mind full of art, a heart full of love and that pretty much sums me up. 

To expand on that a bit.... 

I'm married my best friend 10 years ago, the darling supportive father of my four boys. Life is pretty hectic but that's how we like it. 

I grew up around cameras because of my dad, the old fashioned type of photography with film and real earthy processing. Genuine and raw. I was always given cameras to play with (remember the little plastic flip up Kodak cameras you'd get free with so many films processed?) then I developed in to that annoying kid with a camera at every family event, day out, or just any regular day I felt it! 

My photography hobby developed as I travelled, the colours and depth of India left an imprint on my soul. I wanted to capture everything I saw and felt, if only I could have captured the smells too! 

The hobby developed a stage further when I became a mother, time started to run away from me as podgey ankles and wrists thinned out and my little ones grew and grew. I suppose it was a desperate attempt to preserve every moment. 

Over time friends asked for photos as favours, I did lots of training and learning in studios, classrooms and on my own. I tried all sorts of photography before going back to the natural relaxed outdoors arty stuff you see today. I see beauty in all things round me. I put everything I have into each shoot, my aim being to capture the twinkle that identifies the inner you. A heartless smile is not a smile at all, a smile from the heart shows on the whole body, we're pretty good at letting those sort of feelings come out. 

I'm a hippy at heart, being outdoors with my family makes me happy. I have so many childhood memories of long summer days with salty hair and sandy toes, ending the summer holidays drunk on fresh air and fun and that kind of sleep when you know you've had a wholesome day. Those memories along with my love of art have been the influence for my style.

I met Elle through photography, we just got on straight away, although we are similar in a lot of ways, our differences compliment eachother so as a team we are pretty awesome :) 

With the fabulous support and belief from my family and a great friendship with Elle, Butterworth & English has been born and I couldn't be more excited about things to come.


Hey! I'm Elle, I like long walks on the beach and.... HA. It's funny because this is true.


Okay, so it's me, my husband and our two children, Indiana and Phoenix. We are currently embarking on a huge lifestyle change, selling everything we own to travel the world - you can follow our travels on The Adventurous Mum, but in the mean time, we'll be heading home every now and then to work and save, that's where photography comes in to play. I have the most amazing job and the most amazing clients. I am incredibly lucky enough to work alongside the talented Gemma Butterworth, she keeps the fort afloat whilst we're away and is always inspiring me with my own photography.

I love to capture natural moments with our clients, almost being a fly on the wall. I know as a mum there are so many times I had somewhere there to take a photo of that beautiful moment I was having with the kids but I have to ask for someone to take a photo and then it just totally ruins that moment. I'm THAT person that takes the photo of that beautiful moment, stopping time in a photo <3 Message us to get booked in, we chat about all things family and travel! 


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