Splash in the river with Lucas

Oh Lucas stop growing....! Darling little (scratch that....) big grown up Lucas, with his big boy hair cut. It was so lovely to see this boy and his wonderful mother Kerry. Every time we have met, Lucas has been pure joy. So comfortable in front of the camera and so so handsome it makes my heart sing every time I look through the lens! Weather for this day was a little sketchy, Kerry and I had been messaging updates to each-other, placing our bets on how long we'd get! In the end we thought, hay let's go for it and see what happens! Armed with an array of brollies we trooped across the fields to our destination. The weather was actually pretty good for us, when you are stood in a river tho a little rain seems insignificant! Lucas was happy and safe and that was the main thing. We splashed, we hid under branches, we walked downstream, this darling free spirit with his heart open wide to the beauty of nature around him. I actually think Lucas taught me a thing or two on this shoot! Such a clever boy and all credited to his loving and patient mother. We had so much fun in the field and water, and a couple of little heart attacks as little man wanted to climb off the bridge just after getting changed into warm dry clothes!!!! It was a real Enid Blighton kind of morning, adventure, intrigue and childhood magic. The rain started to come so we listened to Mother Nature and made our way back across the fields - now muddy as Glastonbury - wearing our flip flops!!! I honestly didn't realise you could stick a solid one inch of mud to the sole of a flip flop with just rain!!! Lucas was under my huge MyDog Sighs umbrella having a piggy back with mummy, whilst the sponge bob umbrella protected my camera. I was going for the "dragged through a hedge backwards" look anyway that day so my hair was already off the scale.... We said our goodbyes and went home for a warming cuppa. Until next time Lucas, when no doubt you will break my heart again with how wonderfully you are growing up X

I wanted to share with you all some of our previous shoots i've had with Lucas, it's been my pleasure to capture these moments as he grows in to a young man . . .

#riverphotoshoot #happiness #love

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