Photographer's child syndrome! 'Dream away' Test Shoot.

So here we were, midday in 30 degree heat. Gemma and myself will often get all the kids together and do some test shots of some weird and wonderful ideas we suddenly come up with. We definitely have children with 'Photographers Syndrome', for those of you who don't know this is where your children learn to HATE you. They will REFUSE to get in front of the camera, they will cry, make their fresh white clean clothes filthy dirty and just generally ruin any idea you had...enough to make you think it was a crap idea anyway and to never ever attempt to do it again...EVER! So of course we force our children to once again do some test photos with our new exciting idea we have had, our beautiful oversized dream catcher we have been working on for what seems like forever now! Of course the children were thrilled with the idea...NOT. We weren't prepared to leave without any photos this time, so I believe the words 'I promise you will get a milkshake after this' and 'well if you just do this last shot I'll get you a kinder egg' were said a few times haha. Sure enough it got them in the dream catcher looking like happy, dreamy children. I'm sure I'm painting a beautiful picture here?! Well actually there were two models (out of 6) who really were dreamy and wonderful and that was my darling Ezra who's now 3 weeks new and Gemma's sweetheart son Henry, such a kind gentle soul. Henry took the role of baby sitter for Ezra without even having to ask, what you see in the photos of these two is exactly what happened, gentle, calm and peaceful. There was something magical about these two that just made our hearts melt. So after a crazy afternoon in the boiling hot weather, arguments between toddlers over a teddy and who could climb the tree the highest, we got the shots! We couldn't wait to share with you all and to give you all the same opportunity to watch your children dream away in the dream catcher, it's such a shame our children have this syndrome because whenever we shoot you lovely families we NEVER have to deal with these behaviours!! I've added some photos of our afternoon, you will see a mix of baby yoga, magical moments, babysitting duties, and even (the only girl) walking the fields in each of the boys shoes...of course! Anyway, enjoy and keep an eye out for our mini sessions of the 'dream away shoot'!!

#ButterworthandEnglish #Hampshirephotos #Family #dreamcatcher #love #feathers #summer #photographers

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