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Our family Christmas tradition

It's December and after the whole of November being badgered constantly about when we can have decorations up I gave in an agreed this weekend we would do it.

Daddy is away at sea at the moment so Grandpa got dragged into the Christmas tree saga. Off to Southwick we went... Arriving in the sweet little chocolate box village perfumed by woodsmoke, we quickly found the place we wanted. A short walk through a couple of fields and trees, there we were in a frosty field of the most beautiful Christmas trees. The boys were enchanted, played in and out of the trees laughing and running on the crisp sparkling grass, their breath clouding the air and cheeks getting rosier by the second. I was of course off taking photos of frosted things whilst the boys played and grandpa focused on the reason we were there and set out to find the perfect tree. The

boys were called, they all quickly approved in unison so they could go back to their game. The man was called over with a saw, grandpa cut down the tree, it was then popped into a net and proudly carried to the car by grandpa and our eldest boy, (taking his role very seriously!). It took a bit of persuasion to wiggle the full tree into the car, muffled giggles were followed by squeaks as each of the boys attempted to shove the tree around and got spiked as they did!

Back home we went; Christmas music on, roast in the oven, Christmas tipple in hand and up went the decs. Of course now comes the moment you realise you hate all of last years decorations and have to make do with some old favourites of the kids. Henry spent ages begging me to put a blue bauble on the tree even though this year I was adamant it was copper and navy only! After one too many sad faces I gave in and let them do what they wanted, we now have candy canes, robins, weird twirly stick things, half glittery things and one or two nice baubles. Pretty much done, apart from the star on the top. It seemed so weird getting a tree without our kingpin daddy being with us, so we have saved the star for him to put on when he gets home. Then Christmas officially begins.

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