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and the adventure continues...

Months after meeting my now husband we were off travelling. We have been all over, some amazing places and some of the worst places! We knew we always wanted children and we weren't going to let having children stop our travels, since having my daughter in 2014 we have been to Ibiza, Vietnam, Laos, island hopped the Philippines, Bali, And Dubai! My dearest daughter has seen and done some incredible things, things you may say that she will never remember, we are told so often that she will not remember any of this. What's the point?

Right now my now two year old daughter is growing her roots. These roots are full of adventure, experience and culture. She may not remember every detail but she will have these moments engraved within her roots. She has the most awesome photos of her travelling all over, meeting friends in different countries, eating different foods, travelling by aeroplanes, boats, tuk tuks, taxis, canoes, bikes. Swimming with tropical fishes, chilling out with snakes, feeding some Elephants, shopped in the local markets of Laos, chasing after chickens with the other local children. All these moments in her life will

Impact her personality. Her roots will grow in to a beautiful, tropical adventurous tree.

And people often ask us, Why travel with kids? Won't they get bored? FAR FROM IT! Hell, we said goodbye to relaxing holidays when our daughter was born. If we have to deal with the hecticness of parenthood anyway, why not do it in a tropical country?!!!!

Now that my son is here, safe and well. He is ready to see the world for himself now. He has already travelled all over Asia in my tummy but now he gets to see it for his own eyes. We will continue to show our children the world, and continue to share that love between us, that bond that brought us close to begin with for as long as possible. We will scrimp and save every last penny so that we are able to share these family moments together. For who knows what will happen tomorrow.

This weekend we will all pack our bags, chuck the kids on our backs and fly across to the other side of the world. How amazing is that?!

I can't recommend travelling with children enough, you see a different side of things. If you are already a parent then you will know already look at the world in a different way, you appreciate life more. The way I see the world now is completely different to how i saw it before children. I hope i can inspire just one family to travel! (Sorry for the overload of images, I couldn't choose and I'm just so proud of my family!) Keep posted for my next blog, the aftermath of travelling with TWO children! Wish me luck HA.

Peace and Love to you all.x

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