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The Working Mother Project

For many years now it is the one decision that a woman has to make once they enter into motherhood. Sometimes the decision is taken out of their hands by the rise in cost of living or some may choose to go back to work. It certainly is an extremely hard experience to go through as a woman, your whole world is turned upside down.

During pregnancy most women have good intentions in going back to work, i know i did. I wanted to continue my career. However once baby has arrived, it's a complete different story. One that fills you with guilt and judgement. The possibility of missing out on baby milestones, not having time to prepare a healthy balanced mean EVERY NIGHT, not being able to hand make that school project with your child ect ect ect. All whilst the man returns to work without a care in the world - however over recent years with the introduction of paternity leave this has changed some families dynamics.

Ultimately the decision is on the woman, does she focus on her career or raise her child? Very rarely the man.

There are research studies on the affects of both a stay at home mum and a working mother and both have their benefits and downsides. The decision has to made for your family and not based from a statistic though.

I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home for the first few years on my children's life. However for me I had to focus my mind on something else, I couldn't just be that typical stay at home mum. I needed something else to focus my mind on. No matter how much stress comes along with your own buisness. It's bloody hard work and it makes me appreciate any woman who has gone back to work, to be the role model, "to bring home the bread". Wether they wanted to or have to, they are strong women!

So to all the strong working mothers out there, we want to make it our project this year to recognise YOU, to appreciate YOU, to do YOU justice for all that you go through. We want to create an image that reflects working life and motherhood for each of you that are selected!

Please share/tag with your working mummy friends! (I am especially looking for women in the services)

We are looking forward to beginning this project! Keep posted on our page for our working mothers a give them the praise they deserve!

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