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When two became four.

I first met Amber 3 years ago, she had painted a wall mural in our daughters nursery. She is an amazing artist and still to this day I stare at that wall in love <3 (Check out Amber and her work HERE) Finding out Amber and her partner Ben were due their first baby was amazing, I knew she'd be an amazing mother, I couldn't wait for her to experience it for herself! Soon enough she found out she'd actually be blessed with two babies. WOW! How incredible. Myself and Amber had been speaking about doing a photoshoot for them right from the beginning. Not all of our plans had gone to plan, but welcome to twin life I guess hey?! I wanted to share our photo session we had together, as they both invited me in to their beautiful but quirky home we created magic, not without the help of Margaux Fox & Aubrey Blue of course.

Thank you all for being amazing. You both ROCK at this whole parenting thing already. Elle <3

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