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Mr & Mrs Trevaskis

With summer here we have been packed full of the most beautiful sessions and some of the most incredible weddings you've ever seen. Nothing can truly beat a classic British summer wedding. We had the pleasure of being asked by a close friend to be their photographer at their wedding, although we'd of loved to of been a guest, it was also so lovely to spend so much time with them on the most important day of their lives. They have shown me that a good wedding isn't about who has the most expensive things, it's about love, it's about family coming together for you, it's about the support around you and everyone coming together to celebrate your love. This beautiful wedding was set in the small town of Southwick, Fareham. If you are local, please check it out, it's truly stunning. Here is just a few snaps from their beautiful day <3 I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you to all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests and Mr & Mrs Trevaskis, may you have a beautiful and incredible future together. We're incredibly lucky to have such beautiful friends.

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