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Why family time should always override work

Myself and gemma have said right from the start, family would come first, until our children are at an age that we are able to 100% focus on the buisness we would do what we can but no more!

We may not be the most active on social media, but that's not to say we're not busy behind scenes. We go above and beyond for each of our clients and we treat each and every family how we would like to be treated, however we don't always invest the time in to marketing etc and all that that goes in to having a buisness as much as we should. We also do a very limited amount of photo shoots on the weekend because we believe this is important family time, times you're not able to get back. We hope all our clients would understand us with this however we also understand for other families the weekend is he only time you are all together so we do everything we can do accommodate you.

It's about creating a happy work-life balance for each of us. We are extremely happy with how we are able to run our buisness, it may not be at it's full potential yet but it means we are happy, we're happy with that because these moments with our children are going way too fast for us to catch up on. We love being able to pick and choose what we can and can't do. We have always said we'd put time aside for our own family photos too. We so many mums and even photographers say that they are always behind the camera, now although that may be the same for us 80% of the time. We always always make sure we get in front of the camera with our children and husbands. We understand the importance of capturing these precious moments in images that will be with us, our children, grandchildren and so on for a lifetime. This year, during the lavender season we were hit with a dilemma. We wanted to be able to have our own family images in the lavender, but also there was a huge overhead hiring out the fields and many clients trying to book in on our final sessions. We made sure we kept that time aside for our family, as easy as it could of been to take our clients money, it wasn't as important. So we were able to spend some time in the stunning lavender fields as a big family, and myself and gemma took turns to take our own family portraits. We are so lucky to be able to do this and it was too beautiful of a place to pass up such an opportunity. We thought we would share some of our own family portraits with you all - we don't always want to bore you all with making our Facebook page one big family album!!


So please, mums, dads. Take that time away from work every once in a while, prioritise things and just take a step back and be with your families as much as possible. Cherish the opportunity to have a family portrait because these will be the images that you take through generations, not your phone snaps stored in iCloud

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