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Working Mothers Project - Surgeon Lieutenant Commander

Meeting Charlie really gave me a different outlook on working mothers. She showed me that with determination and focus you are able to achieve your goals, no matter how hard this may be to accomplish. Charlie is setting an incredible example to her daughter who is incredibly proud of both of her parents, by continuing to focus on her career she is setting one of the most important examples we can for our children. It's fantastic to hear of the support that the Armed Forces have been able to do for Charlie and her family, and other mothers in the forces alike. If Charlie taught me one thing, it would be to not give up on your dreams once you become a mother. If anything, use your children to empower you and to strive even further than you ever thought.

"I am Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Charlotte Evans Royal Navy. I am in my final year of training to be a Consultant Psychiatrist. My current role is as part of the team that delivers mental healthcare to Armed Forces personnel in the local area. I am also married with a 4 year old daughter. Like any working mother it can be a challenge balancing the demands of a full time job with caring for my daughter, particularly when I have been working shifts and revising for exams while my husband has been stationed elsewhere but I love what I do. I think it's important that people see that there are mothers in the Armed Forces and you can make it work, you just need to develop some rigorous planning skills and keep your sense of humour! I have been deployed for a very short period of time since becoming a Mum and will do again in the future, it can be tough to leave her however I take pride in what I do and the example I set her." - Charlotte

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