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Choosing the right location for YOUR family.

It’s so important to us that we are able to photograph your family in a location that best suits you. For us, capturing our family in locations that we’re familiar with anyway are the best. We both spend a huge amount of time in the Great British outdoors, this is why many of our sessions are based there.

When we ask our clients which location they’d like to choose, we will always suggest a suitable location however we LOVE to hear about a location that’s special to your family. Something that we can be creative with and something that will make your images more special. Not only does this create meaningful memories for you to cherish forever, images you can pass down generations but it brings out the best vibe from your family. You can instantly tell when a family is feeling uncomfortable and it’s usually because their out of their comfort zone.

We have so many locations that we use throughout the year that sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, not forgetting some of the visually incredible images such as the bluebells, rapeseed and the gorgeous lavender fields.

A personal favourite of both of ours is in the meadow during the summer months, this really makes for beautiful natural serene images that you’ll want displayed in your home for years to come.

We love to just blend in the background, capture what’s there in front of us. A day in a life of your family, it’s the little moments that are so special and are too easy to forget too. We are incredibly blessed to be able to stop these moments in time for generations to come, I think in the moment it doesn’t feel so important but for each and everyone of our sessions we put our heart and soul in to creating something special for all our clients.

So if you’ve been thinking about having a photo session done with your family, but are unsure what the best location is for you, just think where would YOUR family feel most comfortable, where could you have genuine fun, what would YOU want displayed on your walls. It’s not just about that one photo we’d use as a profile picture on social media to us, it’s so much more than that!

Message us to chat about what locations your thinking of booking in with us!

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