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Working Mothers project - Gynaecology Nurse

Becoming a working mother you have to overcome the hurdle of spending every day and what feels like every hour with your baby to then prepare yourself to go back to work. Before baby is here, you think it'll be fine!! In reality it's hard work, almost impossible. It's a huge hurdle to overcome. It's important for a mother to be supported as an employee, after all, we are raising our future lawyers, teachers, doctors and nurses. Sometimes it's just not possible for a woman to be a stay at home mother, she needs to go back to work, but when a workplace become difficult, it makes it very hard for the mother and consequently the family. No one is asking for a free ride, at all, but it is important to support our mothers where possible to maintain the balance. If a company is unable to support all their employees equally then there will be a much higher turn around of staff which could potential become a male based environment, giving us an unbalanced workplace.

After meeting with Lauren she explained all her worries in going back to work. She really expressed herself in a way that I felt sorry for her. Why has she been put in to this position with no alternative? Lauren is facing her anxiety and fear head on by going back to work and not letting the obstacles get in her way. We know Lauren will do fantastic and whilst being the fantastic mother she is, she will continue to care for many new mothers to be.

"I am a staff nurse working in a gynaecology and early pregnancy department. Being a mum to my beautiful daughter has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding and amazing experience ever! I am due to return to work in the next couple of weeks and I can honestly say it doesn't matter how much you enjoy your job going back after having a baby is a very difficult thing to do however like many women I have no choice. The NHS prides itself on being 'family friendly' however this is not particularly something that I have found to be true. From month to month I don't know what days I will be working and I cannot have set days due to staffing issues and this is the same for many nurses. Although a big part of me is excited about returning to my job and getting back to being not only a mum but also a nurse - another part of me has had serious anxiety about the lack of security in terms of my unknown shift pattern each month and trying to figure out childcare between the nursery and family. I am very proud to be a working mum, my job gives me a huge sense of pride and although I have some slight reservations about returning to work all in all I am very excited and very lucky to of been able to have a year off with my gorgeous baby girl." - Lauren Purkiss

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